Study Guide DVD #4

The following instruction/demonstration videos are provided as study and reference materials for various E.L.P.O. courses and certifications.


E.L.P.O. Shoeing Protocol (Presented by Steve Foxworth, CLS, CE, CI)



Forging Modification Requirements for the E.L.P.O. Farrier Certification (Presented by Chris Wiggins, AWCF-Hons, CLS, CE, CI)

Click HERE for the current E.L.P.O. Farrier Certification Forging Requirements


Part 1 - Keg Shoe Modification to Leverage Reduction Shoe + Nail Holes + Heel Check


Part 2 - Modify Elite Hind Shoe to Club Foot Front Foot Shape


Part 3 - Modify CF Performance Hind Shoe to fit narrower toe hind foot


Part 4 - Modify Steel Natural Balance shoe to fit hind foot shape


Part 5 - Add Quarter Clips to the already modified Steel Natural Balance shoe


Part 6 - Modify Aluminum NB PLR Shoe to fit narrower toe front foot


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