E.L.P.O. Education Courses

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization provides equine health care education and training for horse owners, trainers, hoof care providers, veterinarians & even zoo keepers/managers. As more new information becomes available, and practical application protocols are developed, there is a widespread need to offer opportunities for horse owners and hoof care professionals to have access to this information. The education programs that are developed by the organization have been set up to accommodate the various levels of hoof and horse care involvement. Whether that need is to service the practical management requirements of the horse’s owner and trainer, or the regular hoof maintenance and lameness prevention tasks charged to the hoof care provider or veterinarians, each level of education offered by the E.L.P.O. is module based and can be built upon based on the needs of the end user.

When putting the “Hoof Care Education” programs together, the E.L.P.O. brought in hoof care educators and clinicians from around the country to develop a teaching protocol that would be the most effective, yet still adaptable. This will allow the E.L.P.O. the opportunity to keep up with changes in technology and information, and be able to meet the needs of each individual that participates. A better understanding of how the hooved foot functions, what it needs to stay healthy, and how the changing demands can be counteracted by proactive hoof care, are the goals behind the hoof care education set forth with the E.L.P.O. programs.

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization uses an assortment of methods to assist in the educational process, which include:

• Lectures & Demonstrations
• Workshops
• Hands-On Clinics
• Educational Books & Videos
Online Articles & Content (ELPO Member's Site)

The information that is gathered, processed, and distributed by the E.L.P.O. comes from several leading experts in the farrier and veterinary community, and is backed by practical applications that offer proven results. The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization has set up a variety of educational courses that are directed at, and formulated for people that have different levels of involvement in the care of horses and their feet. We offer workshops for horse owners that cover some basic information in lay-person’s terms that can help them spot early warning signs of issues that lead to lameness, as well as ways to deal with current pathologies. For the horse owner that is interested in getting more details and some hands-on experience in caring for their horse’s feet, we offer basic hoof trimming courses that can give them the tools necessary to do basic trimming maintenance. For the professional hoof trimmer and farrier, the E.L.P.O. offers complete hoof trimming courses and advanced farrier courses that provide detailed training on the E.L.P.O. Hoof Care protocols. Along with the education offered through these higher level courses, professional hoof trimmers and farriers can elect to take exams for the various certifications offered by the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.

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List of Courses Offered by the E.L.P.O.

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