E.L.P.O. Forging & Farrier Skills Course - 3 Day -This course is designed to give novice and professional farriers detailed hands-on training with forging & modifying shoes to meet the needs of the more widely used shoes today. This course will focus specifically on modifying several shoes to greatly improve the Leverage Management they offer the foot. The second portion of this Farrier skills course will focus specifically on dealing with distortions, shoe fitting & quality finish work. Attendees will work at improving how they fit shoe for various types of feet & for different situations. This is an excellent opportunity to fine tune your skills and improve the proficiency & quality of your work.

*This course qualifies as a Pre-Certification Course that will offer a great opportunity to prepare yourself for Certification Exams.


      Topics Covered During the Course

  • Forging/Blacksmithing Basics
  • Modifying Keg Shoes for Application
  • ELPO Forging Exam Preparation 
  • Basic equine lower limb anatomy
  • Leverages on the hoof capsule and its possible effects
  • Recognizing distortions in the hoof & reading hoof tissue
  • Cadaver hoof trimming/shoeing & dissections
  • Body Positioning & Tool usage, i.e. hoof knives, nippers, rasps, etc.
  • Shoe application on live horses


Course Begins at 9:00 AM and will run until 5:00 PM each of the 3 days (Thursday - Saturday).

~ Course Schedule Overview Listed Below ~


What’s Included in the Course

- 3 Day Hands-On Course (Thursday-Saturday)

- Study Materials (& loaner tools if none are purchased or owned)

- Bar stock and kegs shoes used in forging

- Hands-on with Cadaver Feet

- Hoof and Limb Dissections if applicable

- Lunch Daily

- *Basic or Premium Tool Packages available at Discount Rate (Optional)



Course Costs & *Options

  • 3 Day Forging & Farrier Skills Couse Tuition - EARLYBIRD (ELPO Member):  $600
  • 3 Day Forging & Farrier Skills Couse Tuition - (ELPO Member):  $675
  • 3 Day Forging & Farrier Skills Couse Tuition - EARLYBIRD (Non-Member):  $675
  • 3 Day Forging & Farrier Skills Couse Tuition - (Non-Member):  $750
  • *Basic Tool Package (see details below):  $275
  • *Premium Tool Package (see details below):  $845
  • ***Check out E.L.P.O. Membership Options to SAVE $75 Off Course Tuition
  • ****EARLYBIRD Discount usually ENDS 4 Weeks Prior to the Start of the Course


Available Tool Packages

Basic = $275 ($303 Retail Value)

  • Double S “Rhino” Hoof Knife ($46 value)
  • Double S “Loop” Hoof Knife ($49 value)
  • Nordic Forge 14” Race Semi-Polished Nippers ($90 value)
  • Bellota Classic 14” Rasp ($28 value)
  • Equithotics or Wooden Rasp Handle ($10 value)
  • JH Forge Hoof Evaluator/Divider ($80 value)


Premium = $845 ($942 Retail Value)

  • JH Forge Hoof Knife with Pick ($90 value)
  • Double S “Loop” Hoof Knife ($49 value)
  • Kahn Forge or Lopez 14” Race Nippers ($190 value)
  • Save Edge or similar 14” Rasp ($28 value)
  • Equithotics or Wooden Rasp Handle ($10 value)
  • JH Forge Hoof Evaluator/Divider ($80 value)
  • Farrier Apron/Chaps [Badger Built, EDSS or Other] ($300 value)
  • HoofJack™ Hoof Stand ($195 value)

**Package products may be substituted and prices may change without notice.  Current market prices will be used over those listed above if there are differences.


Schedule of Events

Day 1: (9:00 AM Start)


  • Introductions
  • Basic Forging Exercises
  • Forging/Blacksmithing Lectures


  • Forging Exercises until end of day

Day 2: (9:00 AM Start)


  • Demo & Hands-On Forging
  • Mock ELPO Forging Exam (practice exam)


  • Lectures on mapping, trimming & shoeing protocols
  • Begin trimming distortions & applying shoes on cadavers

Day 3: (9:00 AM Start)

  • Hands-On Live Horse Shoeing until end of day

*Final Schedule & Times Subject to Change Slightly


Check the UPCOMING EVENTS page for scheduled course dates

For more information:

Contact: Cody
Phone: 719-372-7299
Email:  tech@lamenessprevention.org