Ben Bateman; CBT, CFP, CLS

Ben is from New Zealand and has been involved with horses his whole life competing to a high level in both Eventing and Show jumping. After completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Science and Physiology he undertook his apprenticeship with Kevin Wastney, an ELPO certified lameness specialist in Nelson, New Zealand. He has travelled to America and the UK multiple times throughout his career to further his education and was the recipient of the New Zealand Equine Research Foundation Young Achievers Award in 2017, giving him further financial support to bring new information back to New Zealand. He has trained apprentices who have also travelled and been involved in the ELPO and he has a passion for teaching and developing ideas within the equine community. 

Outside of shoeing Ben loves spending time with his wife Kirsty and daughter Emily who share his passion for sound, happy horses.