Kerry Haugh; CFP, CLS, CE, CI

Kerry started his shoeing career in March of 2000. Upon completion of the Oklahoma School of Horseshoeing with honors, he came home to Minnesota to start his practice. Educating his clientele, and continuing his education were top priorities. In 2009 Kerry met Gene Ovnicek, and his way of looking at, and shoeing horses changed forever. In 2011 Kerry started his certification process. Kerry has learned to enjoy the process of learning, which includes accepting your mistakes as opportunities for growth. Building relationships, whether with the horse or the client, vet, trainer is a primary goal of his. He is blessed to have married his high school sweetheart, Joanne who has understood his passion for the industry and shares his time. Kerry is currently working on his CE, and CI certifications, which he feels necessary to pay forward all those in the ELPO that have helped him grow professionally and personally.