Steve Foxworth, Farrier - CNBBT, CNBF, CLS, CE, CI

Steve Foxworth has been a farrier in northern Colorado for 12 years. He became a Certified Natural Balance Farrier (CNBF) in 2006, and went on to earn his Certified Lameness Specialist certification (CLS) in April of 2007. In 2010, he became one of the first farriers to become a Certified Examiner (CE) and Certified Instructor (CI) for the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.  Steve works closely with farrier Gene Ovnicek on a regular basis, and continues his education by attending and teaching clinics.  In addition to instructing, Steve is involved with ongoing research to help further the understanding of the equine foot.  The latest research project includes recognizing hoof distortions, and accurately locating the distal phalanx and center of articulation through the widest part of the foot.  Through his travels in the US and Europe as an E.L.P.O. educator, Steve has broadened his experience with, and exposure to, more difficult horses.  In turn, he is asked to work on horses with multiple lameness issues, fractures, ringbone, soft tissue injuries, and extreme founder, just to name a few.  And, by using the guidelines set forth by the E.L.P.O., he has found success in most cases.

In 2008 the senior vet at the Denver Zoo sought out Steve for help with a lame zebra after learning of his credentials.  That case has since led to Steve becoming the regular farrier for the Denver Zoo and working with the majority of their hoofed animals.  In 2013 Steve also became a consulting farrier for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and has developed a trimming protocol for Giraffes at the zoo.  This has also opened the door for more research and educational opportunities involving the E.L.P.O. as well.  In 2014 Steve Presented the Hoof Mapping research project conducted on exotic animals at the Denver Zoo to the AAZV (American Association of Zoo Vets) conference and again in 2015 at the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Conference.

The E.L.P.O. (Equine Lameness Prevention Organization) is committed to research, education, certification, information and professionalism in which Steve has become instrumental in since being elected to the Board of Directors.  He continues to push for these ideals, and is committed to passing this information and passion on through his two year apprenticeship program.  His apprentices are expected to earn their certification, and go on to be productive members of the E.L.P.O.  The future is bright and exciting for the profession of farriery, and Steve Foxworth is committed to being a driving force in its journey.  In 2012, Steve became the President of the E.L.P.O., the Director of Education in 2018, and he continues to help guide and maintain focus for the organization.