Chase Rutledge; CNBF, CLS, CE, CI

Chase was born and raised in the Colorado Springs, CO area. In the spring of 2005, he attended the first of two Farrier Science courses offered at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) in Colorado Springs. There he was exposed to the principals of the ELPO, and was intrigued enough to attend the next course in the spring of 2006. After farrier school, Chase continued to attend PPCC in pursuit of a Business Management degree until making the decision in the fall of 2006 to forego college and concentrate on developing his farrier practice. He began studying and riding with Gene Ovnicek, who became an influential catalyst in encouraging Chase to become a full-time farrier. Chase became a Certified Farrier Practitioner (CFP) through the ELPO in 2010 and a Certified Lameness Specialist (CLS) in 2011. The following spring Chase began the process of becoming a Certified Instructor and Examiner (CI/CE). He began traveling and assisting Gene and Steve Foxworth with clinics. In 2014, he accepted the position of Treasurer with the ELPO. With the inception of the 8 week ELPO farrier school program in 2017, Chase took on the role of head instructor. He leads four classes of students each year and continues to assist with ELPO clinics held in Colorado.