Madison Munns

Maddie is a Colorado native who graduated with an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2018. During her final year of college, Maddie began an internship at the Denver Zoo with the hoofstock department where she was introduced to Steve Foxworth. Upon conclusion of her internship, Maddie attended the ELPO Farrier School and soon after this she began a two year apprenticeship with Steve.

During her apprenticeship, Maddie became involved in the Zoo Hoofstock Trim Program (ZHTP) which includes trimming a multitude of exotic hoofstock species at both private and zoological institutions across the US.  Maddie’s passion for improving the quality of life of all hoofstock has led to her becoming an instructor for the ZHTP 7 day trim course.  Maddie also understands the importance of building relationships with people in the exotic industry and nurtures these relationships as the administrative assistant for this division of the ELPO. Maddie is currently working through the process to become an L5 Instructor for the ELPO which includes passing all of her certifications to include her Certified Lameness Specialist (CLS).

Maddie recently accepted the position of Secretary for the ELPO, and is looking forward to continuing her education and service.