Matt was introduced to horses by his mother at the age of 5.  This sparked a life long  passion for horses and he rode almost everyday throughout his childhood. This interest lead into Matt's career.  Following a 5 year apprenticeship that ended in 1996, Matt earned his diploma with the worshipful company of farriers and set up his own business in West Sussex, England. Matthew, has since continued his training and become a member of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization, Through this group, Matthew earned a number of additional qualifications. The first int he foundation of live sole hoof mapping.  With the growing interest in equines going barefoot, Matthew also became a Certified Barefoot Trimmer, as well as a Certified Farrier Practitioner. In 2011 Matthew took this a step further to become a Certified Lameness Specialist. Holding a particular interest in equines who have been compromised by hoof imbalances and suffer from soft tissue injury or common degenerative diseases of the equine limb, he continually is referred by veterinarians to support these clients and their human partners.  In 2013 Matt was invited to join the board of directors and has since helped run a number of clinics, develop educational events and certifications in the U.K. Most recently, Matthew achieved his Level 5 promotion becoming a Certified Examiner for the E.L.P.O.  In his spare time Matt enjoys spending time with his two sons, Jack and Scott and hobbies include snowboarding and wake boarding.