To use the Member Search feature, Enter the State Abbreviation or Country you wish to find a member in the “Search For” box. Next, from the “In This Field:” drop down menu SELECT THE STATE or COUNTRY option then click on the “SEARCH” button.  You will see a list of Member’s in that region, along with their City and Phone Number on the LEFT, and a list of Occupation (Trimmer, Farrier, etc.) and any Certification they might have on the RIGHT.  You may PRINT the list using the small printer icon on the top right-hand side of the list.

The following search will give you a list of active E.L.P.O. Members, many of the members are E.L.P.O. Certified Trimmers & Farriers.  Please check the certification designation on the right-hand side to verify each person's level of certification completion.

LS-HMC = Live Sole - Hoof Mapping Certified

CNBBT = Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer (Prior to 2012)

CBT = Certified Barefoot Trimmer

CNBF = Certified Natural Balance Farrier (Prior to 2012)

CFP = Certified Farrier Practitioner

CFGP = Certified Farrier Glue Practitioner

CLS = Certified Lameness Specialist

RED = Inactive

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