ELPO Study Guide Materials

The following is a list of Study Guide material that you can download or print as you need to.

Category 1 - 4 Courses

Study Guide Videos (Available Online)
  • DVD #1 - Anatomy & Biomechanics Lectures (Coming Soon!)
  • DVD #2 - Anatomy Lecture & Hoof Evaluation Protocol Lecture/Demo (Coming Soon!)
  • DVD #3 - Hoof Mapping & Barefoot Trimming Protocols (Updated 2017 Versions)
  • DVD #4 - Shoeing Protocol & Forging Modification Demonstrations for Farrier Certification
  • DVD #5 - Glue & Composite Certification Study Material (D. Bicking)
  • DVD #6 - Supplemental Demonstrations for CLS Exam (Coming Soon!)
*Additional Study Materials and some Educational DVD's may be sent to course participants once they have registered for one of the E.L.P.O. courses.
Check out the EVENTS page to see upcoming Educational Opportunities.